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A musty odor that lingers, or the appearance of dark patches on ceilings, walls, and grout, are signs of a potential mold problem in your residence. After being sure of the existence of mold, it is essential to find out if it is regular mold or something that’s more threatening like black mold otherwise called Stachybotrys chartarum.

Mold is a moisture-loving fungus comprised of spores of different sizes. Some mold spores are as little as 4 microns, while some others are as massive as 30 microns. Mold spores also appear in various colors. For example, mold spores that grow on floor tile, and open walls are usually brown, green and at times black. Those that thrive behind wallpaper usually have a pink or yellow color. Black mold is typically the most horrible. Nonetheless, the appearance of black mold spores does not always imply that there’s a toxic problem.

When Is Mold Simply Mold?

The presence of black or toxic mold presents significant health risks. Regular mold turns out to be harmful when it starts to produce toxins.  The poisonous toxin typically associated with black mold is referred to as mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites or organic substances that have no direct impact on the growth of the mold. Furthermore, it is necessary to realize that mycotoxins are not just connected to indoor molds but also plant crops.

How to Get Rid of Mold:  Toxic or Not

Regardless of whether mold is of the toxic black type or regular, it is best to stop it before it spread out. To achieve this, you need to disconnect its moisture supply. Any form of water leakages such as leaky pipes, leaky roofs, and wall cracks giving an entry point for moisture require immediate mitigation. Afterward, start clean-up with the use of products like bleach solutions to remove the mold on hard surfaces. Floor covering, drywall and other porous components that absorb moisture ordinarily require disposal.


At times, black and regular mold can cause even people with healthy immune systems to become symptomatic. If you suspect that mold is causing health problems in your home, it is advisable to consult a medical expert. While regular mold can trigger allergic reactions, allergy-like symptoms, and several other health issues, the mycotoxins in the black mold are mostly the reason for mycotoxicosis – a toxic poisoning that often results in loss of life.

Even if you notice or smell mold, spending hard-earned money on testing and inspections will be unnecessary considering that the entire mold in your house, no matter the species type or color, should be remediated and removed. And all molds needs to be remediated and eradicated following the same acceptable Mold Removal Guidelines. Using the services of a trusted waterproofing company is crucial if any mold or dampness shows up in your home. For further information, contact Almand Bros today.